A Parallel Vision Exhibition


Melbourne’s RVCA Corner Gallery hosts new works by artists Chrissie Abbott and Nadia Hernández.

Although both their identifying styles possess contrasting aesthetics, their shared energy and creative attitude compliments their context in the gallery. Their show together, A Parallel Vision, presents a visual explosion of colour and images of nature depicted through symbols and subconscious moments in time.

Their narrative is self-explanatory but does leave room for interpretation by the viewer.

Both strong artists in their own right,  Hernández is currently based in Sydney but was originally born in Venezuela. Abbott, who was born in the United Kingdom and practised there until recently, also shares the same love for Australia as Hernández, and she resides in Melbourne. A Parallel Vision joins their colourful works with their equally powerful works.


“A Parallel Vision is a concept of reality and a collective consciousness that can be constructed or manifested. We are in control of our own destinies. It’s about seeing beyond the physical realm and believing in the metaphysical and the magic of existence.”


A Parallel Vision

New Works by: Nadia Hernández & Chrissie Abbott
RVCA Corner Gallery
August 28 – September 18, 2015



Chrissie Abbott

manifested reality

Chrissie Abbott


Chrissie Abbott


Chrissie Abbott


Nadia Hernández


Nadia Hernández


Nadia Hernández


Nadia Hernández


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