A.T. STUDIO Launch Online Gallery With The Rite of Spring Photographic Series

Uncompromising in presentation or execution, artist and designer Aitor Throup’s A.T. Studio launches a new online gallery with photographic series The Rite of Spring.

The complex, intricate and philosophical photographic works are in fine tune to Throup’s aesthetic, with the addition of unexpected flora and representative items. Longterm friend, Kasabian’s Serge Pizzorno, acts as a conveyor of Throup’s concept and message, adorned in mostly unseen research pieces and development samples from the last 10 years of New Object Research. Amongst the worn items, are also some early prototypes of the next instalment of the conceptual and non-seasonal brand (currently rumoured to be released in 2016).

Inspired loosely by Igor Stravinsky’s ballet and orchestral concert work The Rite of Spring, Throup’s concept is realized through a series of highly curated visual metaphors and symbolic imagery. Stravinsky’s work was originally unexpected and unaccepted by viewers because of its unconventional approach. Now, the work is renowned and celebrated world-over. Throup may see a slight familiarity in this, with the fact that boundary-breaking work does appreciate more over time. Throup’s cult-status does ensure his avant-garde work resonates with both his contemporaries and followers, in present time.

Throup’s metamorphosis represents the end of a decade long era where the designer felt burdened by his own creations, manifestos and philosophies. A moment of clarity was obtained, and a story of sacrifice and transformation is communicated through the highly-charged images.

A new chapter for Throup and A.T. Studio begins.

AT - The Rite of Spring_01

AT - The Rite of Spring_02

AT - The Rite of Spring_03

AT - The Rite of Spring_04

AT - The Rite of Spring_05

AT - The Rite of Spring_06

AT - The Rite of Spring_07

AT - The Rite of Spring_08

AT - The Rite of Spring_09

The Rite of Spring 

Photographic Series


Photography and Art Direction by Aitor Throup 

Featuring Sergio Pizzorno 

Production by A.T. Studio 

Co-production by Between Friends

Hair and makeup by Anna Wild

Post-production by Studio RM