Yes, that is right. Hôtel Droog’s ‘One and Only Bedroom is literally, one bedroom. Situated at the top of a beautiful building which also houses the Droog’s shop, cafe, library and event spaces (where workshops and yoga sessions are arranged), the One and Only Bedroom is an extension of the building and the Droog’s wonderful ideas. This is a hotel like no other, and an experience you won’t easily forget but something you’ll ensure to do again.

Droog is first and foremost a conceptual design company, with their ideas finding various outlets for execution, such as product design, graphic design and creative direction – you name it, just always ensure to expect the unexpected. The directors of Droog, Renny Ramakers and Gijs Bakker, have a strong individual point of view and vast design knowledge which enables them to clearly identify design and designers with something new to say. Together with their studio, they are able to create spaces, projects and objects with a strong point of difference, humour and originality. Their work is anti-disciplinary. Droog really are more than a design company, they are a think-tank and a socially-conscious instigator focusing on matters that effect society, which we explore in our next post.

Our visit at the One and Only Bedroom began at 10pm when we arrived to Amsterdam from Rotterdam. The Droog team warmly welcomed us, ensuring we were familiar with the area and comfortable with everything in the hotel. At night, there is a sense of peace and ultimate security in the hotel. Situated on the top floor of the Droog building, the powerhouse is completely empty after 9pm, and as you enter through the heavy doors to the Fairy Tale Garden, walking through and up the corridor stairs to the hotel, the place feels like your own private sanctuary.

The One and Only Bedroom is large and spans the entirety of the top floor of the Droog restaurant and event space building. Fitted with a large kitchen, dining room, double room and a bathroom of the same size, the One and Only Bedroom is somewhere guests choose to stay in long-term in addition to one-night stays. Guests have everything at their disposal: they can set up office and work inside all day, prepare their meals here, or even host a small dinner party.

By day, the hotel is filled with natural light due to the large windows, and the lightly-coloured design objects and interiors also compliment the neutral tones. All items in the hotel are able to be purchased in the Droog design store downstairs, with each object winning your heart through it’s practical purposes and inventive design.

The structure of the building, and the vast space it allows the top floor to have, ensures the One and Only Bedroom feels more than spacious. The design certainly feels traditional, but also modern with the clever use of space. The hotel provides stunning views on Amsterdam’s varied rooftops, also overlooking the wondrous Fairy Tale Garden at the very bottom of the building, a more than pleasant view in the morning.  The Fairy Tale Garden is really like being in another world as you sit on Droog designs sipping coffee amongst a beautiful presentation of flora (and bees happily pollinating the flowers). Nature is busy at work while you relax in it’s company.

We must also highlight that the breakfast menu at the Droog is especially enticing. A hotel breakfast menu is often limited to a simple breakfast with every additional ingredient an ‘add-on’. At the Droog, their menu is classic, but ensures not to miss or skimp on the important and often missed additional ingredients (green salad and lemon with salmon and eggs poached perfectly, or a fresh salad with more than 5 fruits all being berries of some sort) . Served in the Droog restaurant on the 1st floor, guests can really enjoy their varied healthy breakfast with local guests.

As you leave, it’s impossible not to find a treasure in the Droog store, with practical and repurposed design items amongst their carefully curated selection. We picked up a lovely Kintsugi repair kit in the store, with their selection also emphasising the importance of sustainable and considered design: the Droog philosophy.

Welcome to the Droog world. We can’t wait to visit again.

The One and Only Bedroom. Photo: Thijs Wolzak
The Fairy Tale Garden. Photo: Thijs Wolzak
The Droog restaurant.


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