October 16 – October 20, 2014

Later Alone She Wore Poems for Clothes


HOSTEM invites artist Amy Revier to perform in store for one week in October. For this performance Revier will create a studio, installing her traditional floor loom to weave a textile that will be sewn into a garment. From morning to evening, visitors will encounter the varied and intensive stages of an immersive practice that, although ancient, has remained essentially unchanged to this day.

In addition to this performance, Revier has woven a collection of garments specifically for Hostem. This will be the first time a large body of her work has been shown together. The collection will be installed for the duration of the show and will be housed in an area specifically opened for the exhibition spanning one month.

“Old ways are retained not out of a sense of nostalgia, but because they serve a function. I am interested in building from scratch, showing evidence of the hand, and in the plain beauty of well-made things.”

Amy Revier Grew up in Austin, Texas and received a BFA in Fine Art and Art History. Whilst studying, she was awarded a grant to travel to Oaxaca and study back strap weaving, where she honed her interest in the practice and received a grant for a floor loom. In 2009, Revier travelled to Iceland under The Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program (2009-2010) where she developed sculpture and textiles in relation to her time living there. In late 2011 she moved to London before realizing her first collection in 2013.

Revier works single handedly, weaving 3-5 garments per month from her North London studio. All materials are sourced from Kyoto-based spinners, most of which are hand-dyed and in limited stock.







Images by J + M | Craftsmanship: Amy Revier feature in Ala Champ Magazine Issue 8

Text by Hostem



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