Artist Feature | KIKI KUDO

Kiki Kudo is an artist, writer and DJ based in New York City. Recommended by DontWatchThat, she was the selected artist to design the Open_Network collaborative long-sleeve garment, and we couldn’t have asked for a better design (and designer).

Tokyo-native, and now living in the Big Apple, Kiki’s design for the Open_Network garment is a literal visual for the artists whom (like the design) are also modest and effective in their work.

With a Macintosh her weapon for all, her past clients and projects include Sex Magazine, The Last Weekend, eleking and Dolphin Jump, where she holds a monthly party.

We asked Kiki to answer a few questions for us over email,  where we found out the best spots to eat/drink/dance in NYC.




What is your concept behind the Open_Network design you did the for tee collaboration?
When you’re doing a high five  whilst wearing it, that will make your awesome moments.
Why do you live and work in NYC?
Half of my life was in Tokyo, so I wanted to change my life situation and there I have a lot of friends for me. I was thinking about move in London too…
What is ideal day in NYC for you?

When I moved to NYC, I became aware of hanging on rooftops with friends, music, booze and sunsets.  I love all the roofs in NYC!




New York City native

Can you give us the lowdown on:


Restaurant you would take your friends to

Kyo Ya  - Japanese restaurant in East Village. The best, even if they are in Tokyo too.
Cafe you frequent
Ashbox in BK
Best spot for people-watching and coffee
Cafe Grumpy in LES

Late night spot

285 Kent in BK
Home Sweet Home in LES
Bar you take friends to/frequent

Sunday Night at Sway in South Village

Cafe Dancer in LES