December 2nd-7th, 2014

Miami Beach Pavilion, 910 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach




Wallplay is proud to present Lina Viktor’s solo booth, ARCADIA: Into The Blue, an immersive visual experience that invites us into her golden world paved with a commanding blue hue.

Viktor debuted the ARCADIA series at her first solo exhibition earlier this year at Gallery 151 in Chelsea, and has since expanded on the body of work with four new paintings. Arcadia is an idyllic paradise of visual harmonies, expressed through the universal truth of the Euclid and Pythagoras’ golden ratio.

When asked about the new work in this series, Viktor states:

“This is my blue period. This particular blue represents pure energy, and when used in tandem with pure gold – a metal that has shared origins with our human consciousness since time immemorial – it symbolizes my need to seek out that which is rare, precious, scarce, and pure on a universal level. These works represent my need to find meaning in everything through the application of principles that are akin to the language of the gods: math, science, and nature made visual.”


Lina Viktor was featured in Ala Champ Issue 8, her style is undeniably skillful and individual.

Lina Viktor is a New York-based fine artist from London that studied film at Sarah Lawrence College and photography at The School of Visual Arts. In creating her own mythology as a painter combining modern and ancient techniques, Viktor in a short period of time has amassed a strong and dedicated following. Lina Viktor has exhibited her paintings alongside works by Andy Warhol, Takashi Murakami, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Tom Sachs, Ryan McGinley, & Peter Beard at a variety of exhibitions in New York and Miami Art Basel. Her first solo exhibition was at Gallery 151 in Chelsea in May 2014, with upcoming solo exhibitions in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, London, and Milan in 2015.






For more information on available works & press inquiries contact Laura O’Reilly