Artist To Watch: Oko Ebombo

Oko Ebombo takes a presence on the stage with rigour and triumph.
“I am a dancer, actor, photographer, and after the music came…”

Find his introduction and interview in our latest Issue #7, where we speak to him about his band ’19′ and project ‘Vizioneer’, a platform of poetry and different mediums. Vizioneer new video, ‘Everyday We Work’ just released too – watch here.

Beautiful portraits captured by Champ sister Shaniqwa Jarvis.

Champ Issue #7 Extract:

“Sometimes you get a feeling about a certain thing, and you feel the urge to find out more. It could be in relation to anything, and in this case my curiosity was sparked and journalistic instinct kicked in when I first saw French artist Oko Ebombo perform in Tokyo. Recommended by a friend, I went along to the gig not knowing what to expect. Oko was performing at IDOL in Minato-ku, with his band 19, together with Vizioneer, (which I later found out this is Oko’s platform for poetry and visuals).

I’ll try and set the scene for you. Projected visuals of Basquiat and black and white film are on loop, with the surrounding crowd patiently tending to their Yamazaki on the rocks. Jazz tones are set, when Oko begins Naked Life, a soulful track that he has been working on for several years. With the poetry and jazz combined, together with Oko’s energy, an atmosphere is created like no other. You feel you are really witnessing something special, a unique performance. This is created through ‘instinct’, Oko explains. The same indescribable feeling that drew me to find out more about Oko, his band 19, and his visual outlet, Vizioneer.

We caught up with Oko via Skype, where we discussed the various mediums that enable him to share his vision, and to not restrict those. A visionary artist uses more than one tool.”

Read the full interview in Issue #7, Oko is a visionary in the creative medium.
Keep an eye on him!

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