Bound by Night
by Elegance Bratton

Our dear friend Steve of Wild Life Press, presents a new book of ultimate visual creativity, capturing one of the most continually culture-setting scenes in New York.
The fullest form of self-expression. The Ballroom Community.

Bound by Night captures a snapshot of the contemporary House Ballroom scene, a scene which continues to be a place of community, boundless creativity and fierce competition.

An underground society through which individuals can find family and fame. The images here include intimate portraits, street shots, behind the scenes preparations and the runway battles themselves.  The Femme Queens, Butch Queens, Sex Sirens and Voguers featured find shelter in the night to confidently claim their chosen gender identity or sexual orientation.

Beginning at Vogue Knights in New York City and extending through the entirety of the Northeastern seaboard, photographer Elegance Bratton takes the viewer on a journey to the heart of this movement and asks them to contemplate the necessity of the night time for the Ballroom community.

Limited edition of 500 copies

Cloth-bound, smyth-sewn, 7 x 5 inches, 104 pages, 72 full colour images.
8 page forward by Elegance Bratton

One for the archive. 
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Bound 1Bound 64 Bound 58 Bound 52 Bound 51 Photos taken during the Coldest Winter Ever Ball. Winter 2013 Bound 101