Call For Submissions : WHAT WE WORE Book | Britain’s Style History from 1950 to now

Forthcoming book WHAT WE WORE is calling for people to share their style stories from the past. 

Send through the best portrait of you in the 50s until today, in simply WHAT YOU WORE!

The book will be the most diverse compilation of individuals’ portraits, documenting the times we live in, and the garments that have seen us through the frosty winters and mild summers.

Focussing on the style history of Britain, the book will be distributed worldwide.

To be published by Prestel, it is not long before the book is compiled and  you’ve missed your chance to have your high school steez photo next to James Lavelle’s contributing photograph. Oh damn.

Contributions have come from people who have been involved with UK cultural scenes, include Don Letts, Graham Massey, Jeremy Deller, DJ Harvey, Bill Brewster, Carri Munden and many more.

Some of our favourite contributions below :


My best friend Pam and I worked as seamstresses in Spitalfields in 1954. We were paid by garment, 9 pence for a frock and would work until 9pm some nights.

I made most of my own clothes on a treadle sewing machine at home. I knew what suited me so I never read magazines, we didn’t copy things. I would make clothes without a dress pattern, just cut into the cloth.

Submitted by Barbara Ruben, a seamstress who lives in East London



Don Letts, 1973

Submitted by Don Letts



Aunty Rose in Harlesden, 1993

Submitted by Jemila Isa