Paris-based photographer Mathieu Vilasco recently visited the intriguing city of Morocco,
capturing an intimate insight into the mesmerisingly colourful and diverse landscape.

Mathieu recounts, “I’ve been dreaming about visiting the north of Africa since a long time now.
My mother and grand mother were born in Algeria and they always told me of the magic of those places.

I’m used to the heat as I was born in the Ivory Coast, but when you arrive in Marrakesh it’s really something different that hits you right away,
you can feel it in your eyes and even in your lungs. 
I was happy of that sensation, I dreamt of that, it was like breathing the desert.

The third day in Essaouira, we’re on our way to a beach spot one hour away from the town, a small fishing village.
Here we are, 7 of us, stuck in a really old Mercedes 240 from the early 80′s, rolling really fast throught the mountains in a gentle mad max’s way. 

I’ve got my arm out of the windows, opening and closing my hand, playing with the hot waves created
by the air around us, the sun is hammering and tanning my skin and I can feel it vibrating to my bone.

My eyes are lost in the views on the road, everything is so quiet outside,
my mind wanders and I’m picturing myself walking slowly between the argan trees all around.

And suddenly it hits me…
I’m like “l’Etranger” de Camus.
With the very difference that I’m feeling everything.

And its all so magical, warm, bright.
It’s Morocco.

The journey documented below.
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Blue boats, Tafedna

Door, Medina, Essaouira

Goats, Sidi Kaouki

Jardin Majorelle, Marrakesh 1

Jardin Majorelle, Marrakesh 2

Medina, Marrakesh 2

Medina, Marrakesh

Men, Essaouira

Worker, Essaouira's Souk

Old streets, Medina, Essaouira

Rooftops, Essaouira

Taxi from Essaouira to Sidi Kaouki