Monday 26 June, 2016

Blue Note,
Tokyo, Japan


Tokyo’s Blue Note welcomed an absolutely spectacular performance by the legendary soul and disco singer
Cheryl Lynn, and for very good reason as the legendary singer performed in perfect and mesmerising form.

Her powerful and compelling voice was completely flawless, singing classics such as Shake It Up Tonight,
Encore, and of course Got To Be Real, with the whole sold-out audience up on their feet and dancing wildly.

The evening was a celebration of nostalgia, a feeling of the Studio54 days of classic disco, R&B and soul.
With Cheryl’s delightful demeanour and her direct presence ensured a feeling as if she was in her own living room,
singing directly to the audience with passion and wholehearted dedication, albeit after decades of performances.

The epitome of a true entertainer, an extraordinarily talented woman.

Live performance images  ©  Makoto Ebi
ライブ ©  撮影 ©  Makoto Ebi

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