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A beautiful example of the magic that can happen when real passion meets basic equipment and a stable Internet connection,
Don’t Watch That TV is one of London’s most original online platforms for music and culture.

Since its inception in 2009, legendary grime documentarians Tim & Barry and their multi-talented crew have proved a reliable source for undiscovered musical talent: each week they offer up a three-hour showcase of DJs, artists and MCs in their online show Just Jam – a friends and family affair streamed live from their studio on Dalston’s Ridley Road. A tireless promoter of underground, Don’t Watch That TV has itself become firmly embedded into the city’s subcultural landscape.

本物の情熱と基礎設備、そして安定したインターネット回線が出会ったと きに起きるマジックの美しい例となるのが「それを観るな、テレビ」。ロンド ンの最もオンラインでオリジナルな音楽カルチャーのプラットフォーム。

2009年に開始以来、伝説的な汚れドキュメーンタリーアーティストのテ ィムとバリー、そして彼らの多才なスタッフは才能ある無名のミュージシャ ンを見つけることで知られるようになった。毎週放送される3時間のネット 番組「ジャストジャム」ではDJやアーティスト、MCなどを家族や友人含め て、ダルストンのリドリーロードから生中継。たゆみないアンダーグラウンド の応援団である「観るな、テレビ」はロンドンのサブカルチャーの地形にし っかりと埋め込まれている。



Ollie Adegboye | Photographs

Text | Akinola Davies at DWT

Tell us about DWT and what you do:

 Dont Watch That Tv is a multi faceted platform, we look to promote culture as a whole. That includes our generations interpretations of music, video, photography, art and a satire of society. We’re huge fans of he internet and for us it’s replaced what early terrestrial/cable TV used to provide. We like to champion varied sub cultures as they are the inherent fabric of societies.

Who is behind the DWT team?

The team has been fortunate enough to have various members at different stages of its development. At it’s core are the creators photographers turn filmmakers Tim&Barry; alongside the celebrated Ben Drury who is responsible for most of the design aspects. I (Akinola Davies Jr) assumed the role of editor after a couple years of being involved and Hakim Baghari is largely in-charge of nurturing creative technologies.

 The beautiful Phoebe Platman is in charge of all video edits and largely compliments us rough-around-the-edge lads. The secondary team includes Skinny Macho and Rupert Cogan who both help with sourcing music and talent. 

 Lastly our North American contingent are made up of Aaron Chan who is in charge of large parts of the visual aspects on productions and Luke Shurman who is our trusted and very very busy web designer from Canada and America respectively.

How long has DWT been running since inception to now? 

Tim&Barry Tv started in 2006, although they dont agree I consider that the real inception of the ethos of Dont Watch That. Mainly because their videos would always include the tagline, sometimes the early logo for Dont Watch That. They garnered a lot of interest and support within their creative network from the likes of Lev (PWBC) , Tyrone Lebon (Dobedoo) and Jean Charles de Casebajac (JCDC) who were all part of the original Dont Watch That Tv line-up.  Thereafter the umbrella community of Dont Watch That Tv was formed and launched in 2009.


 What’s so great about London?

Where do I begin. We’re so fortunate in London and the UK as a whole to have semblance of a real 21st century society. An abundance of cultures and tarditions living side by side and ultimately merging. We’re all enriched for the better, be it through musical, art or culinary fusions. There are subcultures mixing with each other and geographically we have so many parks and public spaces to celebrate our differences and learn about each other. What is really exciting though, is seeing a generation come into their element. Claiming what is theirs and defining it; for us in the UK I think it’s the internet and all the technologies around it. Utilising what we have to start either businesses or art. Ultimately the best thing about London is the people in it and the fact for most of us it’s home.

Best location for a party? 

Best spot for a party for me is always a warehouse. I mean we have a monthly residency at a club in east called Birthdays on Stoke Newington High Street. However nothing beats a warehouse. We aspire to have parties as good as the raves in the 90′s free of security, dress code and smoking sections. Being able to play music loud into the morning and not having to go home till we’ve danced it out. That for me is the one. Not on some fancy balcony over looking the city but a dark gutted industrial warehouse with strobe lights, smoke machines and all the amenities.


Best party you ever went to, or soundsystem you ever heard:

 Thats a tough one. I wouldn’t say it’s the best party I ever went to but it’s certainly the best one I’ve been to recently. It was the after party for a film called “Wildness” by Wu Tzang about a party in LA called drum-line “Wildness”. The film was screened as part of the Tate Tanks launch I think. It was done is a little club round the corner and was the most inclusive party I’ve ever been too. It made me want to throw my own parties because it didn’t fit into a box and for that was just receptive to every orientation of audience that came. That and the Dont Watch That christmas party we threw a couple years ago at Cordy House. It was insane basically a warehouse in the middle of Shoreditch and a party we promoted ourselves. I remember it being the best christmas party I ever went to. Although that all I remember because the rest as they say is a blur.

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