London-based furniture designer Dean Edmonds, exhibits his latest works at J.Glinert and Momosan Shop in East London.His aesthetic fits the niche and extremely well curated stores, both sharing a focus on handcrafted items, made to artisanal standards

Edmonds’ style is simple, clean, practical yet masculine, raw and edgy. His identity is already easily recognisable, because of his consistency utilising materials such as raw steel and wood. With these elements, his designs are still very contemporary, perhaps a complete representation of what society seeks for now.

Edmonds was recently featured in Inventory Magazine, (on one of their two covers) and worked with Wallpaper Magazine. All eyes are on the emerging furniture designer, and our intuition tells us he’s set for big things.


Launching Thursday evening at 6pm, this exhibition will see creators and craftsmen of London unite.

Come join and view Edmonds’ works —

6 – 9pm

71 Wilton Way
London E8 1BG



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Dean_Crops (dragged)

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