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It’s the carefully curated selection of items that make this your new favourite online store. Not only perfectly selected, the range of hard-to-find pieces and one-offs will make you coming back for more.
Started by creative couple Dean Edmonds and Natsumi Sashida based out of London, you can see the thought and care behind the business, and the beautiful and well-selected items for sale from Japan, England and the US.
You’ll know of Dean Edmonds already. He’s the young furniture designer featured on Champ Online a few months ago, and whom we commissioned for the special book crib for our Issue 6 launch at Librarie Yvon Lambert in Paris. His keen eye for detail and his knack for selecting the right material for the right product, has seen him through some exciting collaborative progression.
These same traits are applied to Bermuda Trips, and it’s what makes Bermuda Trips so unique.

With a fast-growing international clientelle due to their convenient worldwide shipping, Bermuda Trips is here, and only a click away.

Get online, get inspired. It will make your Christmas purchases that much more enjoyable and worthwhile. Consuming in the right way, supporting young designers, a young business and a entrepreneurial spirit.

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Tell us what is about?

Dean: More than anything it is supposed to be fun! Really we’re just selling items that we found for ourselves that we couldn’t find easily elsewhere and wanted to share.
Natsumi: Think like this – you buy this very small-time punk band’s 7″ off their website, and receive the goods with a note from themselves, and you kinda become a pal with them… Its so awesome! I wanted our shop to be just like that. You can only share this certain, particular tastes to pretty small number of people in the world I think. And because of that, I want this experience more intimate and fun.
What makes it different to any other online store?
Dean: The mixture of items we sell are very personal to us so I guess it would be hard to find the same collection elsewhere. We’re not trying to educate people just share things that we’re stoked to find.
How do you source the items you sell?

Dean: We can’t tell you that! As I mentioned before everything we sell we also have ourselves, we spend a lot of time searching for various things whether its gifts for each other or just a good can opener. This could be online at a flea market or even Nat’s local hardware store when we visit her family in Japan, nothing is ever really planned.

Can you tell us about some of your favourite items in detail?

Natsumi: My favorite has to be the bumper stickers from deep south. I have this obsession with cajun/french creole music and while I was searching something about them I just stumbled across these crazy dead stock bumper stickers. I think they are from the 70s – imagine the same stuff used to be on those swamp truck bumpers.. Maybe still is!

Dean: I really like the products that have a nice story behind the finding of them. We came across the Whistles while  trying to find US made plasticware, there wasn’t much in the way of contact details so I called the company direct, the owner answered  and was super happy that we had found his whistles after explaining what we were doing and our interests he decided to post us a bunch of whistles on the promise that we would post him the cash upon receiving them!

Run by you and your girlfriend Natsumi, why did you decide to go into business together?

Dean: As anyone who knows us would tell you we’re rarely apart. I just don’t think one of us could do it without the other.


Your Bermuda Trips logo was done by Jiro Bevis. Can you tell us abit about is work?
Natsumi: I worked with him in the past when I used to run a small record label called Alphaville with my friend in Tokyo. I always liked his works and it was really fun back then!
When it came to Bermuda Trips his work just seemed to encompass the direction and feel of what we were doing perfectly.
Where do you see Bermuda Trips expanding to in the future?
Dean: We’re always finding something new that we are excited about so hopefully we can keep going as we are expanding the collection on our website.

Natsumi: I’d love to put a night together or make some zines one day!


The store is online only, and with you and Natsumi living in London, do you hope to open Bermuda Trips one day as a physical space?

Natsumi: We’d love to have a space where Dean can have his workshop at back and our little shop in front… Would be an amazing hangout place! But we are really happy with our online shop right now so yeah, lets see how it goes.

Bermuda candle 1

Photography by James Robjant

Candle Holder photographed and made by Dean Edmonds