Designers To Watch: MARQUES’ ALMEIDA

Champ Fashion Correspondent, Olivia Davies, speaks with Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida, the forward-thinking duo from Marques Almeida, you need to know and follow.

Photographer Shaun Tompkins visited the duo’s light-filled London studio for the cover portrait.



Marques Almeida

A go-to label for cool girls, the Marques Almeida look has had serious global impact given their relatively new on the fashion scene, having graduated from the MA at Central Saint Martins in 2011. The pair create clothing that channel a 90′s street feel with their signature distressed denim and chunky soled shoes having shaped an international trend.

Their collections seem very cohesive one season to the next. And in fact they don’t deliberately use past collections as a starting point for designing the next one, explaining…”It’s more about our identity as designers, it’s always there, we can’t avoid it. It’s never a starting point for us the season before really, more the opposite, our references are different, the vibe is different, the mood is different and the context where the MA girl is being placed is different. But i guess our signature is always there.”



MarquesAlmeida_AW13_0048_HI MarquesAlmeida_AW13_0128_HI MarquesAlmeida_AW13_0121_HI
MarquesAlmeida_AW13_0110_HI MarquesAlmeida_AW13_0104_HI MarquesAlmeida_AW13_0097_HI
MarquesAlmeida_AW13_0089_HI MarquesAlmeida_AW13_0081_HI MarquesAlmeida_AW13_0076_HI

Marques’ Almeida AW13