Designer To Watch: NATHANIEL LYLES

Curated By Champ and Designer Correspondent Olivia Davies


Portrait by Shaun Tompkins

Having just graduated from the BA Fashion Knitwear at Central Saint Martins, Nathaniel Lyles impressed at the BA show with his fantastic colourful multi layered creations so much so, that Versace snapped him up as a new knitwear designer.

With a brilliant passion, we love his dedication and determination for turning the traditional and perhaps slightly-expired reputation of knitwear around. His passion is infectious!

His strong interest in knitwear started from his parents, who “…studied textiles and fashion at college, so I was always encouraged from a young age to draw and experiment, i was never that academic either so I felt more comfortable in art class. It kind of developed from there really, I left school as soon as I possibly could and enrolled in an art college for a few years. I started studying fine art, the majority of my work involved textiles or the manipulation of such material. I then went on to study textiles and this then developed to applying those textiles into fashion.

After gaining a place on the knitwear course at Central Saint Martins that blew my mind of what I could do with knit, and I could basically do whatever I wanted! was like being given a blank cheque and told to spend at the local sweet shop. The course allowed us to do anything and everything. When I started to knit I can remember thinking how much I hated knitwear though.
I realised I hated the majority of knitwear that I saw, I hated what knitwear had become, I hated the colours, I hated the textures but I loved the concept of knitting so I just wanted to make new ideas for knitwear, use unusual colours, knit with unusual materials and basically try and make knitwear exciting.”

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