JUNE 9 – JULY 31
Red Bull Studios, New York

“We All Love Your Life”

London-based artist George Henry Longly presents We All Love Your Life, at the Red Bull Studios in New York an interdisciplinary space championing contemporary art and performances. 

Champ Photographer Sue Kwon attended the experiential mix of video and performance work (performed by Mx Justin Vivian Bond and Nath Ann Carrera) including a woven neoprene garment by British designer James Long.

Walking into the space, Longly has transformed the space in New York into different living environments — inspired by the book A House in Space by Henry S.F. Cooper which documents the day to day lives of astronauts on board Skylab, the first US space station that was operated by NASA from 1973-1979.

Presenting an experiential mix of “surveillance and exhibitionism, astral focus and deep parallax”, Longly focussed on questioning personal and public space, time and sites devoted to work and leisure, individual and collective subjectivities, and the concept of seeing the seen.

On view until July 31.