GRIND LONDON AW15 | Everything Always

We are very much into London-based brand GRIND LONDON.

They are growing modestly and keeping their quality high. The best things take time, right?  Perfection in production is key.

Damn we are into their attitude.

It’s a London thing, but it’s also a GLOBAL thing.


The Grind London ’Everything Always’ AW15 collection is featured below, photographed by London talent and badass photographer Vicky Grout and styled by Sayda Alexander.  They work with the finest in London, and their AW15 shows this.

“ Everything Always is the morning mantra, it is the wholehearted commitment to desire, the identification of ‘what’ it is we want, and the conviction to indulge. No half-stepping, that gets you nowhere, not very fast. Take it all – you deserve it. Look for the rainbow at the end of this rainbow, and the one that follows. More is better, so you had better get some more. They say ‘it aint all sunshine, sunshine’. But why not? The sun shines 24 hours a day on this planet. You just need to coordinate better. When happy, be all the way happy, and when sad, take it all in. Be all in. Chips all the way down. Everything Always.”



Grind_London_AW15_3 Grind_London_AW15_16 Grind_London_AW15_12

Grind_London_AW15_13 Grind_London_AW15_14