Beyond Bridges
17 January – 21 February, 2014
Online Exhibition – hannanjones.net

Perth-based photographer Hannan Jones is currently straying from the norm,
holding an online exhibition for view through her website, until 21 February.

Embracing digital culture and not being constrained by space or gallery representation, we were surprised but impressed that she initiated an online series of work herself. Ultimately, it’s certainly a forward-thinking form of exhibiting one’s work for the greater public and viewer. An ‘international’ exhibition. We love the idea!

The series was undertaken on a recent trip back home to Australia and the summer ritual of bridge jumping which is a regular but illegal happening on hot day in her small home city of Western Australia. Including a quote from the foreword by Perth writer, S.J. Finch.

“…In the moment of entering water instead of sound there is a transitory moment when the rush of adrenaline perfectly suits the rush of a liquid soundscape. You are taken out of the sun, out of reach of airborne sounds, out of the reality of summer, beyond the bridges. You close your eyes and your environment becomes you; your self disperses into the water…”- S.J. Finch

We asked Hannan for further insight into her forward-thinking concept.
Her response only strengthens our admiration for her irrepressible perspective of no limits and bounds,
a true visionary and creative set for big things.

“The idea of initiating a show online was because I wanted to work with a platform accessible to almost everyone. It was important to exist larger than a physical space or a travelling show, with reasons that I have lived in multiple locations, and originated from different areas of the world which hold equal value to me. This series was not only about the ritual and everyday of summer in Australia, but it was a part of building and reflection of the person I am, and in the practise that I am currently exploring. 

 It is about sharing the moment and experience, on a platform that is accessible to the place that I am right now (back in the UK) and also the place I will be in the future, and for everybody whom may be curious or intrigued to whatever it is they find close to them whilst looking through the series. I hope at the least, it is refreshing to the Northern Hemisphere’s winter and is as a slice of life to the summers we adore for those in the southern hemisphere.

Recently through undertaking public art work projects, I am becoming increasingly aware of how an environment can shape and change the context of which the subject exists, I felt as if this was the most true and friendly to myself, to exist in one place but that place be everywhere, it is very exciting!

From my experience ‘internet art’ has a basis of not only existing online, but also plays with the medium and explores the stretch of codes, images and portals, which is incredible, but it also exists for all its users as a personal space, for which we exchange all types of communication which transcends time and place.

I want to bring it back to the basic platform of sharing and with awe that it exists because it is digitally mediated, it is still a photography show without having a tactile object. 

I wanted beyond bridges to exist as an avenue of accessibility to all cultural parties. ”

Thank you Hannan, view Beyond Bridges here <3