Jameson – St Patrick’s Weekend


Irish whiskey brand Jameson recently hosted 800 guests in Dublin, to celebrate St Patrick’s Day (or weekend in this case) in true Jameson style.

Celebrated in style, guests were a mix of journalists, creatives, and those that embody the Jameson spirit.

The St Patrick’s weekend kicked off with a bang. First with a pop-up class with Ger, a 5th generation cooper at Jameson, guests were informed of the distilling process and Jameson’s rich history. An acoustic gig at the Old Jameson Distillery wrapped up the evening, and prepared everyone what was to come for the next day of celebrations.

Dublin as a city has a remarkable history, filled with artisans and locals that have built the city to what it is today. It has a welcoming energy some would say, and together with the crisp cold air, this must be the secret ingredient to Jameson whiskey.

Guests were taken on a tour of the city, to experience it for themselves. They were able to check out design at me&him&you, experience the iconic Grogan’s pub, and shake up some cocktails in the classes taught at various bars, one including the Damson Diner.

The evening wrapped up with a gig at The Ambassador’s Theatre, with White Lies and Funeral Suits.

With his dreamy voice, the front-man of band White Lies, along with the Jameson and ginger on offer, charmed everyone visiting Dublin that evening.

This was the proper Jameson experience. Enjoyed by all – especially with abit of ice.

For more, visit the Jameson website!