Blue Note Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan

November 9, 2016

It was a slightly different air at the iconic Blue Note Tokyo, the dimly lit setting and diverse audience welcomed the legendary Japanese composer Jun Miyake and his delightfully multicultural ensemble of incredibly talented vocalists and musicians. Miyake crosses various music genres with his own rules of melodies and instruments, crossing boundaries with analogue and digital composition creating a completely new and undefinable sound.

Miyake was joined on stage with collaborators and guest vocalists that created a completely cinematic atmosphere. The energetic Lisa Papineau, smooth Ze Luis Nascimento, joined graceful Kyoko Katsunuma and the Bulgarian traditional trio Cosmic Voices with their united harmonies.

The renowned composer performed favourites from his albums Lost Memory Theatre and Stolen From Strangers, including The Here and After, White Rose, whilst closing with Alviverde, the captivating composition with Arto Lindsay, and a pleasantly familiar bass melody likened to Pina’s Lillies Of The Valley.

Miyake remains a global genre-defying composer and musician respectfully (trumpet, fender rhodes, piano) pushing boundaries in music compositions with collaborators and a pleasantly overwhelmed audience. Nothing short of extraordinary.

Live performance images / ライブ  © Makoto Ebi

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