Kara Walker NORMA at Victoria Miro London

American artist Kara Walker currently displays her preparatory work from Norma (the opera she directed and produced for the 2015 Venice Biennale) at Victoria Miro Mayfair.  Walker reimagined the Vincenzo Bellini 19th century opera and moved the action from the Roman Empire to an unnamed African colony under European control. 

As you explore the gallery a selection of works from her creative process in preparation for the opera span across the space, including paper cut outs, watercolours and a selection of sketches of costume and set design.

On display are her works and studies that helped create the set and concept of the opera.  You are also given a rare glimpse of color in these works as she predominately works in black and white.  Kara Walker’s work is strong and poignant, ripping the bandage off the unhealed wound of slavery and racism.  At fist glance it is quite nostalgic but upon examination you see the darker side and evils that were present at that time and sadly still linger.  

13  November  2015  – 16  January  2016
Victoria  Miro  Mayfair,  14  St  George  Street,  London,  W1S  


Kara  Walker
Jungle,  2015
29.3  x  40.6  cm
11  1/2  x  16  i


Kara  Walker
Norma,  2015
Graphite  on  paper
30.9  x  38.1  cm
12  1/8  x  15

KW30_Sculptural_Model for Norma dress_2015

Kara  Walker
Sculptural  Model  for  Norma  Dress,  2015
Watercolour  on  paper
127  x  97  cm
50  x  38  1/4  in


Text: Hadarrah More
Images: Courtesy  the  Artist,  Sikkema  Jenkins  &  Co.,  New  York  and  Victoria  Miro,  London
© Kara  Walker