Sunday 21 – Wednesday 24 February, 2016
Blue Note
Aoyama, Tokyo


Walking down the elongated and darkened stairs of the Blue Note Aoyama venue, it feels as though you’re being transported back in time to an underground New York jazz bar playing only the finest in soul, funk and boogie.

Upon approaching the final room, a pleasantly overwhelming amount of seats and tables are presented with waiters flying by swiftly with martinis, wines and the current evening food menu of the month (focussed on seasonality) and carefully prepared by head chef Takahisa Nagasawa and his team.

Last nights performance granted an electric energy in the room, with guests anticipating the upcoming act, the legendary Kool and The Gang. Originally formed in 1969, the band played funk classics such as ‘Get a Down On It’, ‘Jungle Boogie’, and disco-hits ‘Celebrate’ and ‘Ladies Night’. A smooth groove and soulful vocals for hit ‘Joanna’ captivated the guests, while even ‘Cherish’ had an unexpected audience member jump in and quite impressively sing the chorus and even her own soul a cappella.
Indeed an energetic evening, provided by both the musicians and the crowd with everyone leaving in doubt a glowing high. 
Legendary music and musicians – the finest in funk, soul and boogie.

Live performance images  © Tsuneo Koga
ライブ ©  撮影 : 古賀 恒雄

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