Monday 6 June, 2016

Blue Note,
Tokyo, Japan 

Iconic jazz haunt Blue Note presented New Zealand-based musician and producer LORD ECHO and his experimental jazz-electronic sounds to the venue’s underground locale.

LORD ECHO, helmed by producer Mike Fabulous, known for his electronic instrumental mixes and remastering of 60′s production technique and sampling, was accompanied by his talented troupe; Lisa Tomlins on vocals, Lucian Johnson on saxophone, Daniel Hayles on keys, and Isaac Aesili on trumpet and percussion.

It was certainly unlike any other performances, with an electronic-heavy sound compared to even the most contemporary jazz evenings at the Blue Note, yet with strong vocals and stand-out saxophone, the hit of the night was covered classic ‘Thinking Of You’ by Sister Sledge, undoubtably the crowd favourite which had everyone up out of their seats.

However the overall club-like tempo would perhaps be more likely suited to another venue such as Billboard in Tokyo’s midtown where more alternative and emerging acts are best introduced. Although a new, younger audience attended the evening, a few details such as technical difficulties which perhaps reflected unpreparedness, and the groups name banner hung across the stage was uncomplimentary for the Blue Note’s already-iconic atmosphere.

Nevertheless, LORD ECHO remains a sincere CHAMP favourite both in the studio and at home,
just perhaps not to be experienced just yet in the legendary Blue Note atmosphere.

Live performance images  © Tsuneo Koga
ライブ ©  撮影 © Tsuneo Koga



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