Shot by Jason Lewis
Special thanks Julie Le
Intro & Interview: Champ

Fashion director over at 032c magazine, American power stylist Mel Ottenberg knows how to style, select and connect. He can take the credit for Rihanna’s recent role of next-level style guru and trend-setter, when he took over all her styling. Rihanna now rocks anything from couture to emerging designers’ work, and together with Mel’s vision and execution, magic happens.

A student at the Rhode Island School of Design, he remains in his base of New York, yet a constant traveller for his work.

Charming, fun and downright incredible at what he does, he is in demand by not only celebrities but fashion brands and magazines also. He has seen his work in and on the cover of magazines such as Purple, i-D, Dazed and Confused, and Harpers Bazaar, and is a respected regular with the most influential pop culture and fashion magazines around. In addition to styling he also consults some of the larger organisations, including Nike.

With a visionary approach to fashion and the art of expression through clothes, Mel is ultimately forward-thinking and inspired by sub-cultures. Keep all eyes on him for the next big things.


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What does ‘To Rebel’ or ‘Rebellion’ mean to you?   

A rebel does what they want to do when they want to do it and doesn’t give a shit what anybody thinks about it.



What is freedom to you?      

 I like freedom. Freedom is good. Let it reign. 



What was the most challenging creative idea you have wanted to execute? 

 I have many impossible dreams. I’m just going to keep trying to make them happen in real life. 



Upcoming projects? 

More of everything…but most importantly,
I’m looking forward to a nice long vacation and turning my phone off for a few days.