Mino Washi Paper from Gifu Japan | Exhibition in London at the Proud Archivist

The UK’s first major exhibition of Japanese washi paper opens this evening at the Proud Archivist in London.
Displaying some of the finest contemporary uses of Mino washi paper, the traditional craft has many aspects to explore and understand.
Made in Mino in the Gifu prefecture in Japan since the 8th Century, washi paper is a unique material also  popularised by the Akari lamp designs of American-Japanese artist Isamu Noguchi (featured in Ala Champ Issue 9). Mino is in the Gifu Prefecture located in central Japan, where clear river water flows through the town and is used to wash the bark of mulberry trees. This is the foundation element of making Mino washi paper, and in 2014, the paper making techniques were added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list.
With its 1,300 year history, washi paper continues to be celebrated and utilised because of its fine and practical traits. The exhibition will display some of the finest contemporary used of Mino washi paper, along with some of the classic works and designs.
Together with Noguchi, the forthcoming exhibition will include works by Swiss design studio Atelier Oï among others. Paper products will be available to purchase on site throughout the exhibition period, and on 3 November, there will also be interactive workshops for the general public to participate.
For more, visit www.wagumi-j.com


The Proud Archivist

by Regent’s Canal, access via Kingsland Bridge E8 4DD

3 – 13 November 2015

Monday-Sunday 8am-10.30pm




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