Ulaan Bataar, Terelj National Park, Steppe
Mongolia, Central Asia

Visiting Mongolia for the first time, it was hard to know what to expect. A central asian country torn between Russia and China, yet retaining a completely unique culture of nomadic lifestyle.  Solely living off the land, raising cattle (yaks, cows, goats, horses, camels) and herding them to greener pastures, while following the seasonal changes and living season to season in a traditional ‘get’ home, relying completely on nature.

Here, there is an importance of simplicity.
It reflects urban societies overabundance of unnecessary distractions and materialism in our lives.

Currently there is a complex issue, Mongolia’s economy and cultural heritage is rapidly changing as their society grapples to maintain their identity and values,
and adapts to severe climate change.  Where grass was plentiful, it is now turning to desert.

Below, capturing the simplicity and serenity of the Terelj National Park, located in the East of Mongolia’s capital Ulaan Baatar, home to around 50 nomadic herder families. With an acute sensibility to nature, their animals, and the local community, there is an unspoken harmony amongst all.








All images captured on iPhone 6+
Joanna Kawecki ©