Architect: Hiroshi Sambuichi
Completion: November, 2015

The Naoshima Plan
Naoshima Community Hall & Matabe

Upon a recent visit to Naoshima, located in the spectacular Seto Inland Sea in Japan’s Kagawa Prefecture, we stopped by the recent construction by architect Hiroshi Sambuichi. The ‘Noashima Plan’ combines two adjacent builds, the Naoshima Community Hall and ‘Matabe’ a private residence.

The Naoshima Community Hall is found in Honmura, the local port town in the east of Naoshima Island. Featuring a spectacular wooden roof entirely made from local hinoki wood, in a sharp, triangular structure inspired by traditional Japanese shinto architecture. 

Architect Hiroshi Sambuichi conducted various experiments on the areas sun, air and wind patterns in the local region, creating a main roof crevice for sunlight and natural airflow in accordance to seasonality.

Complimenting the islands philosophy with harmony between nature, art and architecture, the Noashima Community Hall acts as a community space for connection and integration, supporting the area’s renowned traditional Bunraku performances (Naoshima was the first island to support women-only Bunraku performances, traditionally only reserved for men) and local activities such as yoga or squash. Seasonal (autumn trees, and spring cherry blossom trees) are planted in the garden alongside the small pond, providing accessed to the outdoor theatre stage. 

A must visit for anyone visiting the island, providing an insight into the local community and modern Japanese architecture inspired by tradition, by architect Hiroshi Sambuichi.

Naoshima Community Hall
Honmura, Naoshima, Kagawa, Japan



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Photos: Joanna Kawecki