‘Pain of Trust’ video by Julian Klincewicz
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Formed in Vancouver, post-punk band UNDERPASS have just released their latest track ‘Pain of Trust’, 
accompanied by a video created by friend and artist, Julian Klincewicz.

We chatted with singer, songwriter and guitarist Alex Miranda, about the new song and the importance

between a connection in visuals and sound for UNDERPASS.


“It’s a way to convey visual memories to audible ones and have two things go off in your mind opposed to just one.”


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UNDERPASS are the latest new sound making waves.


CHAMP: “Pain Of Trust”, where was it recorded?
ALEX: Pain of trust, as well as our first album “Assmiliation” was recorded in Vancouver by Joe Passed in his home studio. Nice and cozy.
What is the meaning / inspiration behind it?
Well I’d like to think when people hear it they make and relate their own meaning to the songs, I can say one thing to one person with all the intent to convey something, and when they hear it they can take away something completely different. I’ve  heard people tell me that they totally get what I’m saying and that’s all they say to me. I feel like if they have a connection with what I’ve said in a song, they don’t really need to say what it is to me for my approval. It’s nice to have things left open for the listeners to think for themselves about.


How important are visuals to your music?

Very. When we went on our first US tour last summer we had our friend Logan Devlin make a video that we would project on ourselves as we played. Some people think that if you focus too much on the visual components of the live performance it takes away from the music. I think the totally opposite of that. I see using visuals as a way to really make the feeling of the music concrete, to really enhance the way people experience and remember the performance. How many times I’ve seen a band play on a stage with just the blank wall behind them is too many for me to count…But I think the music video as a medium is beautiful. A way to convey visual memories to audible ones and have two things go off in your mind opposed to just one.


How did you link up with Julian to collaborate on the video for the track?

I’ve been friends with Julian for many years. I have always admired him as an artist. He used to make these drawings of wood that I thought were really beautiful. But Underpass was in San Diego for a few weeks this winter after our west cost tour, and I called him up and we set a date to shoot. It was really nice, it always allowed us to reconnect as friends which was the best part. I love Julian.


Upcoming gigs for Underpass… Where / when?

We’re taking time off to finish writing our new album. The next show is July 10th in San Jose for this festival called “Think and Die Thinking” it’s an amazing event organized by some of the most genuine people have met in recent years. We’re playing the Saturday show with Downtown Boys, Aye Nako and some other great bands.


Apart from the album dropping in September, what is in store in the future for Underpass?

We have a full USA tour in the works in the late summer-early fall, and a European tour for early Spring.
We started our own record label called “No Sun Recordings” and we have been working on releasing new LPs by “Mourning Coup” and “Other Jesus” as well as some other stuff in the new coming months.


 Thanks Alex!
Thanks, always a pleasure.


 ‘Pain Of Trust’ UNDERPASS
Video by Julian Klincewicz