It is the 10th Anniversary of Patta, the well-respected and internationally known brand from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

For this very special occasion, they are collaborating with Carhartt WIP on one of the highlight collaborations of 2014.

Carhartt WIP is well known for their reliable outerwear, and with this in mind Patta have reinterpreted this adhering to the practicality which is at the core.

The classic Watch Beanie, Chore Coat and Active Jacket all have the Patta spin on them. The Carhartt vest includes the striking “WILD AT HARTT” collections title, prominently already iconic to the pre-launch press.

Both brands and their philosophies align, and one could suggest there is a loyalty towards both brands from their customers, a clientele that want to wear and support reliable clothing with longevity an aim of production.

Patta’s Gee tells us more about the collaboration, their international outlook, and how they are celebrating the collection with a launch in London this Thursday.




Based in Amsterdam, Patta has quite an international outlook, collaborating with international friends and brands – such as this collaboration, with Carhartt WIP in Germany. Can you tell us your approach to collaborations, and why the time was right to collaborate for the first time with Carhartt.

We wanted to stay close to the style and feel that Carhartt represent and we love so much. Simple basic stuff. We worked with the 2 most recognized colors used by Carhartt for the jackets. We also utilized subtle dark navy for the vest and pants.

The items part of the Patta x Carhartt collection are all classics (such as the Chore Coat, the Carhartt Vest and the Active Jacket, some including the original Dearborn canvas that has been used by Carhartt for over 125 years). Why did you choose these particular items?

I just love these iconic items, in a sense I think there is not a lot that you have to do to them to make them good. A simple flip with the colors and making sure the canvas is heavier did the trick for us.
There is no reason to scream. We are known for graphics, so the one thing we did do is work with typography on the vest. Other than that, we felt this simple approach is strong and true to Carhartt.

What is your favourite item out of the collection?

The Double Knee Pant. That pant is so outspoken in its look, the original. I just like the tweak and I can’t wait to rock a pair.




Tell us more about your upcoming party in London to launch the collection.

The opening reception is at Goodhood, such an incredible shop with a very very strong curation. They are one of my favorite shops in the world and the owners Jo and Kyle know Patta from the early days, as they used to work and live in Amsterdam. I am very happy to have their support and I think that support came natural for them.

The party is at Basement in the Edition Hotel. We wanted to work with the Tax Free guys for a while. Basement has such an ill Soundsystem and I like the simplicity of the club. We are bringing a couple of people from our crew to rock the set alongside residents Martelo and Leo G.




Joost Vandebrug  directed your exclusive campaign for the Patta x Carhartt collection. Can you tell us more about why you chose to work with him?

Joost was living in Amsterdam before he moved to work and live in London. It was Vincent van de Waal’s (creative director of Patta) idea to work with Joost as he is:

1. Very good

2. His work fitted this project in our opinion

3. Vinz knew him from his time in Amsterdam




What were the first steps you took in creating Patta? Can you tell us more about the early days?

We basically started with hustling. We had a little… Then hustled and bustled to a little more… Almost lost everything again… And then slowly build up again to where we are now, with all the hard lessons learned along the way.

With this project marking your 10th Anniversary, what is the most important thing you have learnt during your 10 years in the business?

Have a good team around you, have structure, keep a broad vision, invest in the youth. Have a goal, and keep pushing yourself to get there.




What is a typical day for you at Patta?

I go to my office, do shitloads of emails, take a short walk to the shop, see what’s going on and hear the ins and outs on whatever is needed. I talk with Ed to see what’s up and what’s on his plate. Back to office, knock some of those hurdles out of the way. Later call up Vinz to check ongoing projects. During all of this I’m on the phone with Danny and Tim who are making sure my workload is always steady and big.

What is the energy like in Amsterdam right now?

The energy is good out here, a very convenient small town with a big city vibe. There is a good music/club scene. Also on the retail and brand side of things, loads of new guys are doing their thing, such as Dailypaper, Filling Pieces, Baskets, 290, Ennu…the list goes on. There is enough in this city…stop by anytime!






The Patta x Carhartt collection launches on the 4th December, with AFTER PARTY AT BASEMENT, LONDON.