PIECES at the Sir John Soane Museum

Sir John Soane Museum | 13 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London WC2A 3BP

18 August – 26 September 2015 

Each fragment of architecture, art and interior feature collected by Sir John Soane and displayed in his museum draws an incomplete yet intriguing picture of the whole. They seem to be able to embody something significantly bigger than their size, inviting us to speculate, imagine and eventually form our own versions of what they are. These objects are can be viewed as short quotations from different places, ready to be reused, interpreted or sometimes misused.

We are interested in exploring the idea of fragmentary information giving shape to a subjective understanding of something foreign, which is one of the most prominent characteristics of the antiquities at the museum. The work in the exhibition would touch on this theme, and may or may not reference specific objects
in the collection.

This temporary exhibition, taking place at No.12 Breakfast Room at Sir John Soane’s Museum, reflects on this premise through the work of 5 participants. Each of the contributions presented is a suggestion of how we might make sense of something bigger through something small, even seemingly insignificant everyday objects and ideas.


Paul Elliman


Gemma Holt


Sam Jacob


Peter Marigold


 Study O Portable



The exhibition will be accompanied by a small catalogue.

Contributors | Emma Mattei Vicky Richardson

Organised by Workshop For Potential Design
With kind support from Sir John Soane’s Museum