It’s a Sunday evening in La Chapelle, and one of the most beautiful theatres has been greeted by Paris’ finest.
Guests are seated for the launch of Pigalle’s AW14 collection, “Mikado”, where a film directed by Nicolas Peduzzi, has been made especially to accompany the stellar collection.



The film is not what anyone expected. Serious, poetic and visually stunning, the storyline is a Parisian style of Abel Ferrara’s King of New York,
where the honest scenes of Paris’ nightlife-prolific area Pigalle, are portrayed.

It’s 16 minutes of a moving painting of Pigalle, intertwined with Ashpool’s own additions.
The ending leaves the viewer wanting more, and perhaps this is for the creation of anticipation for his next collection.

The signature Mikado print for this collection is inspired by a painting by artist Morris Louis from the colour field movement, and the elegant and traditional Parisian garments are all made in France. They solidify the brands values and showcase the high quality of luxury fabrics together with Ashpool’s own design. Sleek, perfectly tailored wools, cottons and silks covet models and actors, whom are actually Ashpool’s friends, which personify the brand through their demeanour and French attitude.
Ashpool has built his brand on integrity. His extended family and friends are all genuinely contributing to the growth of the luxury label, offering their priceless support for the continued rise of the proudly Parisian label.

Each element of Pigalle stands strong. The “family” of DJs, models, designers, musicians, creatives young and old – are all part of the fabric woven organically which simply cannot be recreated. Not only Parisians, but Ashpool has a worldwide network of like-minded friends who resonate with his values and goals for Pigalle. New Yorkers Been Trill and musician Mykki Blanco all whole-heartedly support the brand, along with the LA and Tokyo Stussy team, in addition to Champ and the Tokyo team of United Arrows. Even musician ASAP Rocky is a fan.

Things are moving quickly for the brand which has been steadily growing for over 6 years. 2014 is Pigalle’s year, where important collaborations launch and a new market is introduced. Either way, designer Ashpool will remain to mix work and pleasure, working with like-minded friends to grow the brand organically.

It’s working, and his recipe of maintaining  integrity and values strong in his moves, will continue to see Pigalle grow from strength to strength.


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