Buffalo Zine is perhaps the most visually captivating D.I.Y and nonchalantly cool magazine out right now.
We have fallen in love with the magazine, and the team behind the London/Madrid-made publication who is certainly doing it like no one else!

Their latest issue sees Tony Ward, an old flame of Madonna, whom shares his thoughts and experiences in a brilliant interview, video and editorial.
With an honest attitude unlike no other, Tony Ward literally, bares all.

Homeless-inspired D.I.Y brilliance.

The editorial with Ward all came about from an email. They contacted him and said hi, pitched their “homeless Ward in London” shoot to him, and he was into it.

Who would of thought?!


An extract below from their current Issue <3

Love is tricky
I think love is tricky in life.
My feeling is that you have many, many loves in your life.
At the same time.
And they are in degrees, they are in variables.
You can love people that you hate, 
you can love people that you’ll never see again, 
and you’ll always feel a powerful love for them.
And people that you love to hate.
Madonna said to me a long time ago…
I was quite in love with her,
and I think she was quite in love with me.
And one day, you know, out of the blue
I think I was on a very ‘I’m so in love with you’ moment.
And she’s like: ”You know, I love you so much, I love you too, 
but I need other people to love,
I need to love the world”
She said: ”It’s not possible 
to just be in love with one person, 
After finding yourself, to be able to be in love with your life, 
with everything and everybody”
And I understood, it was very painful
because at the time I think I believed in a romantic…
like… you find the thing and that’s it, you’re stuck,
and it’s great, and it’s forever.
I felt like I was getting a seed of some really powerful wisdom

and at the same time it was super painful.


(Buffalo Zine, Issue #2)

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