Blue Note Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan

March 3, 2017

With extraordinary charisma and charm, jazz musician Roy Hargrove welcomed the Blue Note Tokyo audience to an energetic opening accompanied by his diverse and talented quintet; Ameen Sameen on base, Justin Robinson on saxophone and flute, Quincy Phillips on drums, Tatadaka Unno as guest on piano, with Hargrove himself on trumpet, flugelhorn and vocals.

The energy between each musician was electric. It’s clear to see that they all enjoy their collaborative style, complimenting the group dynamic with the band in ultimate sync, naturally and gracefully passing intuitive notes to one another and working in unison to execute parts powerfully.

Solos for the base, piano and drums were magic to the ears. A soothing remedy with each later playing in harmony as a trio, whilst Hargrove on trumpet and Robinson on the saxophone, chimed in collaboratively at alternate times, in pitch perfect momentum. Even the duo’s impromptu ‘pop and lock’ dance off, provided a light-hearted moment for the whole audience, adding to the evenings incredible atmosphere.

Later, Hargrove would begin with his own captivating vocals. Subtle, imperfect yet charmingly characteristic to Hargrove, and slightly reminiscent of Chet Baker.

One of the finest performances witnessed at Blue Note Tokyo, with undoubtedly some of the worlds finest musicians.

Live performance images / ライブ  © Tsuneo Koga