A visual essay about separation / detachment

 One of the three members in music collective Woodgrain Vicious, Dennis McInnes explores and communicates the importance of great visuals via his graphics and films. Incorporating Woodgrain’s music to it all, these ingredients make up incredibly individual projects.
Dennis speaks to ALA CHAMP about his latest project, Space Between Distance.


Space Between Distance from Dennis McInnes on Vimeo


 Tell us about this project in particular.
For this project, I initially thought about how our phones and devices alter our perception of how ‘far’ people are away from each other, so I wanted to create story between a boy and girl who are born on screen and go on a journey to ‘meet’ eachother.  So it’s effectively my idea of two people being separated. But each of frames in the essay represents something about being detached in some way, which I guess will be open to interpretation for everybody.
Can you tell us more about who was involved?
Everyone who was involved in this are good friends of mine. My DOP Jack Munsch is a video director who actually went to the same secondary school as me.
The boy in the film Jack (aka Goldn), is part of the extended Woodgrain Family and makes awesome music, but it was one of his home videos which made me want to use him for this, and in that same video is Rebecca who plays the girl!
Michaela (make-up) is a very close friend and of course Woodgrain on the score.

Where and what did you study?

I studied Digital Fashion in the arts department at the University Of East London, which was mainly about finding where you stand in the arts & communicative spectrum.
What is the hardest thing about putting together a project like this?

The hardest thing about making this was mainly trying to express my thoughts without the typical film or music video format.

Sometimes creating something from your own idea of narrative isn’t as straight forward as you think! But it’s also the best thing because you can create your own world for the duration.

What have you got lined up for 2015 personally?

This year I’m gunna keep working on putting out interesting content. Hopefully I’ll be exhibiting work with other artists, aside from that I’ll be spending time building my body of work.

 What is happening for `Woodgrain in 2015?

As for Woodgrain we’ll be bringing our product and music worlds together for a summer release this year. But as always we’re working on stuff!

And we’ll be playing more live sets.



Written & Directed by Dennis McInnes
Videography / DOP: Jack Munsch
Producer: Dennis McInnes
Score: Woodgrain Vicious

Boy: Goldn
Girl: Rebecca Aslett