Studio Toogood and Cherevichkiotvichki S/S 2014

Studio Toogood for Cherevichkiotvichki S/S 2013 - Champ Issue #7

Studio Toogood for Cherevichkiotvichki S/S 2013 - Champ Issue #7
Studio Toogood for Cherevichkiotvichki S/S 2013 - Champ Issue #7

Studio Toogood for Cherevichkiotvichki S/S 2013 - Champ Issue #7

The Art of Conversation
Volume II Part I

STUDIO TOOGOOD in conversation
with designer Victoria Andrejeva of CHEREVICHKIOTVICHKI


Creative Director of Studio Toogood, Faye Toogood, will be embarking on a new journey this Fall. Teaming up with sister Erica, she will be launching their highly anticipated coat and jacket line, Toogood. Designed and made in London, the first collection for Toogood is to be shown at Paris Fashion Week in September, in the same showroom as collaborator and friend, Victoria Andrejeva of Cherevichkiotvichki.

Working together for the second time, the designers have found a mutual appreciation for eachothers’ designs, through their similar values and aesthetics.

Long associated with strong concept and design execution of installations, furniture design and interiors, Faye Toogood has previously worked on commissioned projects for Opening Ceremony and Dover Street Market, which have been not only been brand installations, but visual and sculptural experiences. It’s these skills that she and her sister are exercising, to add a unique spin on the fabrication of their new line.

Like Toogood, a daring attitude with conceptual ideas are also prevalent in Andrejeva’s designs. Cherevichkiotvichki is a creation of the designers’ self-taught discipline and vast knowledge of fashion, with an underlying influence of Andrejeva’s homeland of Lithuania. With this influence on design, and shoes crafted in Italy (with the options of using exotic leathers), Andrejeva has found a niche in the market. Cherevichkiotvichki’s first introduction to PFW was via a friends apartment in the Marais. Filling the entire space with soil, the shoe line was showcased on top.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with all three women at the studio of Toogood on the canal in Angel, North London – to participate in the ‘Art of Conversation’ series, where we spoke of design, sourcing, and a new ‘modern uniform’.

Direction | Hadarrah More
Photography | Shaun Tompkins



Champ & Hadarrah: When did you first collaborate or work together?

Victoria: We first worked together on a presentation in Paris for Fashion Week, for the SS13 Cherevichkiotvichki Collection.  I had an idea to do a showroom and I really did not know where to start.  I have never done interiors, but wanted to create a space that represented the collection. This is where Studio Toogood came in.  They designed and curated the space, and we shipped over a container of Soviet furniture.  (Laughs). We used the installation also at Dover Street Market, and at a store in Berlin.  

Hadarrah: Victoria, can you tell us a little bit about your yourself and your shoe line.

Victoria: I am self-taught and I make handmade shoes for men and women, called Cherevichkiotvichki.. The collection is designed according to an annual theme that carries out for both Fall and Spring, this coming season the theme is ‘nature verses nurture’.  

Hadarrah: Are you guys working together on the showroom this time around?

Victoria: That is the exciting thing! In the last year the Toogood sisters have been working on something, which has turned out to be the most amazing jackets!  The Toogood Collection and my shoe line will be presented together in a showroom.  We are two complimentary designers presenting together in Paris.

Hadarrah: Faye, could you please tell us a little bit more about Toogood [the collection]?

Faye: Toogood is a family name and there are two of us; my sister and I.  My background is that I was originally a stylist for interiors and still life, then I went to do installations and experiences.  I have set up a multi-disciplinary studio which is called Studio Toogood.  It is really a service for brands to help curate a new environment and experience for that brand.  Then, as an offshoot of that I began to design furniture, the furniture became my personal work.  Erica started at the studio over a year ago.  We had the idea that we would like to work together as sisters.  Erica’s background is pattern cutting, and we thought it would be really interesting to combine my insight into objects and materials and Erica’s interest into pattern cutting.  We came up with Toogood the brand – which is focused only on coats and jackets. Completely unisex, it is for men and women. We are trying to celebrate the individual, and every coat is based on a trade, a worker.  We have the milk man, the road sweeper, the chemist, the bee keeper.  We are trying to move away from the concept of work wear in a normal worthy ‘retro sense’.  We want it to be fashion pieces that are wearable and sculptural, as they are objects to move and work in.  Each jacket comes with a passport that outlines all the different workers that have worked on that piece, therefore -  the presser, the seamstress – everyone gets credited.  It is celebrating how the jacket is made and the people who made it. When you buy it you will write your name in it, together with the shopkeeper will write his name in it.  It is giving providence to the coat.  ‘


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