“If you work hard and you have passion, you will be successful”


That should be the motto of any company or brand, a successful recipe for all – and in this case, the foundations for ’47 Brand.

The company unconsciously started in 1947 when founders (and twin brothers) Arthur and Henry D’Angelo (who moved from Italy in 1938) started selling newspapers in front of Fenway Park. As time passed and they got older, the two brothers started selling pendants and flags for baseball games for a quarter. Growing organically, they started to sell hats – “the most comfortable cap in the world”.

Many years later, the company is still family-owned and run, and now sees a whole range of apparel accompanying sports fans to their favourite matches.

Iconic New York brand SUPREME have teamed up with the legendary ’47 Brand, to create a collection of red leather stadium jackets, lime green jerseys and skate decks and bucket hats.

Two New York heavy-weights unite to create a strong salute for The Yankee symbol, a badge of honour and a fellowship that transcends state lines.




The collection is available at
 Many thanks: George at Canoe PR