Lizzie Alexandra

Champ Fam & New York-based photo-media artist, Lizzie Alexandra (Hollins) has created a phenomenal new body of work, from her past months recently based in the US. With a captivating perspective for an already intriguing culture, the results are a visually intriguing and candidly contemporary capture.

It’s a perfect complement to Lizzie’s unique and contemporary photography & work. Her practice is spread amongst both fine art and commercial work including fashion photography, film and art-direction. She has exhibited widely in Australia and is awaiting her first U.S. solo show in New York in late Fall 2014.

Welcome to Freeland is a culmination of imagery shot over the last 6 months, documenting the experience, encounters and impressions of the United States in my first year of living here. From discarded furniture in Miami -a local homeless man named “Jaime” occasionally relaxes on to taped up bullet-holes in the glass window of a breakfast diner in New Mexico and 1-hour ”in&out” motels in Brooklyn.–

Welcome to Freeland is a glimpse into the varied colourful contemporary culture across the United States.
 MaryThey are in Peacebullethole at breakfast
Her Fast Food, Fast Fuck #1 Fast Food, Fast Fuck For Sale Jaime's Chair Lia's cupcakes