adidas Originals Tubular Womens x CHAMP Studio

Comfort and style are what the adidas Originals Tubular’s are all about.  The Tubulars are currently leading the way in casual footwear in 2015, with their design speaking to a wide audience through their blend of aesthetics and athletic abilities. The FW14 silhouette here confirms it all.

adidas Originals commissioned our team CHAMP Studio, to visually communicate the Tubular through our team in London and Tokyo, executing visuals that resonate with what we are also passionate about: design and innovation. Working on the Tubular shoot, it was a pleasure to communicate the shoes traits visually through our creative team, and chosen models whom are at the centre of London’s culture and creativity. Our talent Victoria Sin and Savannah Baker are both creatives in their own right.

Victoria Sin is not only a brand director, but also an amazing illustrator – applying her works to various platforms. She’s contributing to the city’s cultural landscape through her endless involvement in alternative events and their visual communications.

Savannah Baker is a stylist, photographer and brand director at Pum Pum socks. She bridges a gap between London and Port Antonio Jamaica – both her homes in addition to New York City.

Two power women, representing a power shoe. 

A move forward for style, the Tubular speaks to the fashion-conscious, with a practical attitude and approach. Monochrome colour ways and smooth lines join a strong silhouette. Now, our lifestyles today are more diverse than ever before with the never-ending personal options for cultural events or fashion. They both enrich our lives, but to simplify things there was always a need for a shoe with a chameleon-trait – a shoe that could look good in the daytime whilst transforming into an appropriate choice for evening events. The Tubular does this subtly and it can be adapted to anyones lifestyle: the youth, elderly, professional, student or creative. We all want comfort and admirable aesthetics. This is the new practicality in a shoe. We predict the Tubular as a staple for everyones wardrobe.

The adidas Originals Tubular Runner will available online at








Production and Art Direction:

Champ Studio


Roberta Schmidt


Cobbie Yates
Savannah Baker
Victoria Sin


Kione Grandison

Hair and Makeup:

Cat Parnell using Aurelia Skincare, Estée Lauder and Windle & Moodie


Youngjin Kim


Dora Set Design

Thanks to: John DoeAdidas UK