The extraordinary music label Darker Than Wax from Singapore championing emerging musicians and DJ’s globally, celebrate their 30K with a compilation.
Featuring their stellar selection of upcoming and current artists, it’s a pivotal collection of new sounds.

Listen here: DTW 30K

DTW Founder Funk Bast*rd explains the vision, “ Music has never been known to exist in categories, and we at Darker Than Wax have always been staunch believers of that. The current music industry is in a rather strange position right now, with many seemingly caught in the vicious cycle of attaining more likes, stats and instant gratification. Perhaps we are the ones who are naive, preferring to take a gentler route towards growth – almost like a slow brew. Through that, it has also allowed us to take our time to cement our foundations, to learn more about ourselves and the way we want to communicate our spirit to others.

With this compilation, we have once again arrived at a certain plateau – one that is both familiar but fresh at the same time. Our core roster of Troy Samuela, Jasper Staal, similarobjects, silo, NeguimBeats, Beats O Freen, Professa and Floyd (formerly known as Monk’) have all established a definitive sound for themselves, while the 2nd DTW wave of Melo-Zed, fzpz, Go Yama, Kayloo and Kerem Akdag shine in their own ways, bringing a differen patina of sounds to the game.

And with every compilation, there is always a clear attempt to showcase a few newcomers whom we feel deserve a chance to be heard, and the crew of Whoeva, BlackDoe, Falcxne, VINÍ, Kijk Een Ster, Olivier Boogie and 10.4 ROG have not disappointed at all – This is an international cast to say the least. So we genuinely hope you do soak in the vibes of this one, and if you are new to us, your journey with Darker Than Wax is about to begin. For those who have been with us for a minute now, we appreciate every single one of YOU.

One in music.

Again, listen up here: DTW 30K.