The Jules Wright Prize was launched in 2015 as a partnership between The Wapping Project and Film London. It is named after the irreplaceable and visionary Jules Wright, The Wapping Project’s late founder and given as part of the Jarman Award.The Prize is presented to a female creative technician who has played a significant role in the area of artists’ moving image production in the UK. Urgently important, this award highlights hidden roles in this field of work that are often overlooked, but incredibly indispensable.The winner of the Prize receives £5,000 towards their work.This Prize is for technical and craft-based roles – a recognition of the fact that artists in this area of practice, work collaboratively and their films are a result of input from many skilled experts.

For the 2016 Jules Wright Prize, the award focusses on editors.

Criteria 2016
- Woman who works as an editor
- Woman who has played a significant role in the area of artist’s moving image production in the UK
- Woman who has made a significant input in artists filmmakers’ work and career through her creative and technical skills in the field of editing
Shortlist 2016
Nse Asuquo,  Ariadna Fatjo-Vilas, Sue Giovanni and Lucy Harris.


Noski Deville, winner of the Jules Wright Prize 2015, on set

Noski Deville received the inaugural Jules Wright Prize in 2015 for her exceptional work in the role of cinematographer, collaborating with artists such as Alia Syed, Jananne Al Ani, Steve McQueen and Isaac Julien.

For more information and to stay informed about the 2017 Prize, visit: www.thewappingproject.org


Thank you to Thomas Zanon-Larcher and Marta Michałowska for keeping Jules Wright’s vision alive, the important network and platform she was able to establish whilst here remains pivotal and necessary.