London in the ‘80s versus London today.

The city told through the eyes of two Londoners: the photographer Derek Ridgers and the director Cieron Magat.
Two generations compared, with an ever changing skyline in the background.
Two brushes to paint an amazing canvas made of sounds, eccentricity, colours, energy and people…with a touch of magic.
London, the METROPOLIS.


Enjoy the video recap below + images here, of the happening at White Trade Show on last 17th of January during the international premiere of Get Lost!.
We brought a piece of London in Milan: Skinny Girl Diet and The Square, two music bands of the current youth generation of londoners performed right before and after the projection bringing the sound and the style of the City in our city.
In the background twenty portraits taken from the book ’78-87 London Youth’ representing the most loved subjects of the photographer: young people of the punk, fetish and clubbing scenario.