May 22-24 

We are proud to continue our support for SEMI PERMANENT, the extraordinary global design conference.
This years Sydney event featured a brilliant list of speakers (Cheryl Dunn, Tony Hawk, Ben Briand, John Jay) and brilliant schedule of side workshops and events crossing all disciplines of film, art, design, photography and digital.Champ Fam & Melbourne-based photographer Ben Clement covered the Sydney-based creative conference for Champ. 



Ben Clement re-caps Semi Permanent‘s Sydney Event:  “Semi-Permanent 2014, a big congrats to the team that make it all happen. As soon as I walked in I felt a sense of a well organised event and a very technologically advanced one at that. Being able to send a message to an installation that then times water to drop creating the word is something else, along with the Google cube in which you would pick up a 3D cube that interacted with a projection enabling you to view and listen to a multi-faceted movie storyline, simple incredible.

CarriageWorks is a superb venue to host not only the great speakers but to have good meeting areas and the well displayed installations and exhibits.
Cheryl Dunn.
“Passion is infectious.” - Cheryl Dunn.
“Foundations from your heart, sustain.” - Cheryl Dunn.
“Real is real, Bullshit is Bullshit, do what you love because if you’re lucky you might be doing it for years.” - Cheryl Dunn.
After seeing Everybody Street a number of times it was really great to hear stories directly from Cheryl. Her story leading up to creating this documentary and stories surrounding it. She tells it like it is and ‘like it is’ is so real which is also very evident in her work.


Tony Hawk.
If you are doing what you love, that is a success. – Tony Hawk
Mike Mills.
“If you like hearing ‘No’ become a film maker.” - Mike Mills.I was so impressed by the full HD live stream with California based filmmaker Mike Mills. It’s not often you see something of this calibre work so smoothly. That alone was simply amazing.
I absolutely love Mike Mills’ work, I got off the plane from Sydney went for a run and ended up watching Beginners while it was still fresh in my mind. Mike’s multi talented work see’s him fully involved in all areas of his projects. I like what he said about weathering your failures, I think it is so important to work through failures and smooth them out over time and not just give up on them and leave them behind.
After knowing about Miso for a long time but not really knowing her story or much about work it was so great to hear her speak. She gave so much great insight into her process and the stories behind her work.
Miso‘s work is concept driven cutting straight through conventional conceptuality which makes it so original. Her work isn’t ‘like’ pain or love or beauty or ‘real’ it is all of those things at once much like the baseline we measure real life off.


Kate Moross.

I travelled to Sydney with fellow Champ Fam Joe Miranda who had shown me the work of Kate Moross just a few days prior to arriving in Sydney. Her book is a great selection of all her work with really good insight into the creative world she works in. They both also worked in the same worlds in London before Joe moved out here to Melbourne so it was a great place of reunion. Kate now heads Moross Studio in London producing a wide range of work with her team. A few things that resonated with me was her emphasis on staying a part of the creative process the whole way through as well as not being afraid to make mistakes.

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